Organic Dark Chocolate from Peru with a Handwoven Bag
Organic Dark Chocolate from Peru with a Handwoven Bag

Organic Dark Chocolate from Peru with a Handwoven Bag

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(For home delivery, please order a minimum of two chocolate bars or add a chocolate bar to your donation,  grapefruit or poinsettia order.  Thank you.) 

Share the sweet tastes of the Amazon with organic chocolate bars that promote rainforest conservation. These bars are dark chocolate paired with sustainably-harvested amaranth to make for a healthy and natural snack.  We tasted a lot of bars, and this was our favorite.  It makes a great holiday gift.  (The producer says these bars are also gluten-free.)

Each chocolate bar comes with a handwoven cotton bag that you can reuse for a glasses case or gift bag.

  • USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade from Peru
  • Dark Chocolate; Each Bar is 2.8 oz (80 gr.)
  • A Reusable Handwoven Cotton Bag from Guatemala

From Candela Peru; the producers of the chocolate:

Madre de Dios, a mountainous area of pristine forests, is one of the poorest regions of Peru. Unfortunately, few producers are informed or rewarded for extracting the oil in a sustainable manner meaning the region's rates of rainforest destruction are almost as high as its poverty. 

Candela Peru is an alternative biotrade organization which began acting as a fair trade business  in 1989 in order to improve circumstances for this region of Peru. Candela works with 266 Peruvian farmers in this part of the Amazon rainforest to harvest the Brazil nut  by hand in a socially and environmentally-responsible manner.

Besides creating steady work for rural families, the company helps small producers streamline their production chains for increased capacity and helps them to implement social and environmental projects in their area. In this way, Candela Peru helps improve farmers way of living and promotes forest conservation in a biologically diverse region.

Candela Peru developed an Organic Certification program in 2001 and works with local producers to obtain their organic certification. The company also hosts classes in forest management to educate farmers on how sustainable forestry practices can offer financial reward.